PR services for artists, arts and cultural organizations
and companies active in the cultural sphere.
So that others know what you do.

tl_files/AugustinPR_Theme/images/AUGUSTINPR_Leistungen.jpgAugustinPR creates PR concepts and media strategies and provides the media planning for their implementation. We develop content for media-specific promotion and generate the accompanying text and press material. Through our continuously updated database, journalists are informed of events in a targeted and timely manner.

- Creation of PR concepts and press material
- Drafting of press releases, distribution to target media
- Arrangement of interviews, generation of Q&A’s
- Answering journalists’ inquiries
- Press conference planning, organization and management
- Development and marketing of journalistic content
- Evaluation of results
- Acquisition of, and cooperation with media partners

External partners:

- Graphic design Anna Härlin
- Event management artribute
- Screen design and programming MOTOINTERMEDIA